December 19, 2020

OSINT For Journalism: FOIA & Search Engine Operators

Watch this five minute open source intelligence guide to learn advanced search engine operators for journalists.

OSINT For Journalism: FOIA & Search Engine Operators

Search engines like Google can be extremely useful tools for journalists. This five minute tutorial will walk you through using some advanced search engine features to find documents and other resources. You may wish to view this in fullscreen and with the quality set to 1080p to better read the text.

Show Notes:

Tip: you can access Google Advanced Search if you can't remember the operators and filters you want. It will automatically give you a search string that you can save in your notes.

Here is a cheat sheet of advanced Google features that can be handy for more complex queries.

Here are the queries used in the video:

Basic Site and File Search: filetype:pdf "artificial intelligence"

Using the Subtract or "Not" Operator: filetype:pdf "artificial" -intelligence

Combining Operators Together: filetype:pdf "artificial" -inurl:readingroom

Searching Multiple Sites Simultaneously:

( OR "machine learning" filetype:pdf